Amplify your Microsoft Teams investment now with 8×8 Voice for Teams

Enterprises deploying Office 365 want to optimise ROI by adopting Microsoft Teams for all of their collaboration requirements as well. Many organisations, however, have concerns about the prospect of adopting the Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans for Teams as a telephony solution. In short, it lacks the rich PBX feature set that enterprises are accustomed to. As well as a global PSTN footprint with unlimited calling plans. 

Enter 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, an enterprise-grade cloud-to-cloud Direct Routing integration with the Microsoft Phone System. In summary, it provides enterprise-grade telephony and global PSTN connectivity to customers that want to retain Microsoft Teams as their sole collaboration interface. 

It comes with a PSTN presence in 38 countries and unlimited calling plans in 47 countries worldwide. Additionally, it’s all running on the industry’s most reliable telephony communications platforms. As a result, 8×8 is the best choice to enable PSTN communications globally for your Teams users. 

Who Needs Bots or Apps? Not 8×8 Voice For Teams

Unlike other vendors, we don’t use clunky bots, apps or browser extensions that break the Teams user experience. Or, even worse, cause maintenance nightmares for IT administrators. Continue allowing your Teams users to make and receive calls without altering their user experience in any way. Even better, they can continue to use the same Teams apps, whether they are web, desktop or mobile. 

And with a simple centralised administrative interface, the configuration of Teams users on 8×8 requires only a few easy steps. In short, your Teams users can begin taking calls on the 8×8 network in minutes.

8×8’s voice communications platform has a truly global presence, with full PSTN access in 38 countries, DIDs and toll-free numbers in 120+ countries and unlimited calling plans in up to 47 countries. With multiple geo-redundant data centres located around the globe along with our patented Global ReachTM technology, 8×8’s industry-leading availability ensures that each and every call gets connected. 

All provided from one vendor running on one platform globally. 

With 8×8, all your employees can communicate with each other as well as externally on a single communications platform, regardless of whether they are Teams users or not. Because 8×8’s platform is open, your employees can connect and communicate using any device, whether it’s a physical phone, 8×8’s Virtual Office desktop or mobile client or Microsoft Teams. 

Native Support Plus Telephony Through 8×8 Voice For Teams

But 8×8 is much more than just a leading telephony platform. With 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, you get a rich set of 3rd party applications and native contact centre support as well as comprehensive analytics for all your 8×8 calls. 

  • Native business application integrations: 8×8 offers native integrations with 35+ business applications, including several CRM applications such as Salesforce. Make and receive calls using Teams in your favourite CRM application. Attach call log information and links to any call recordings to your CRM record. See your CRM call history information right from within Teams. 
  • Native contact centre integration: With 8×8, there is no need to look for a separate contact centre solution. We’ve got one and it works with Teams, too. Contact centre agents can make and receive calls within Teams while leveraging all of 8×8’s Contact Centre capabilities. This includes omnichannel interactions, workforce engagement management and robust analytics. 
  • Analytics: 8×8 analytics provides key insights into all of your Teams calls made on the 8×8 platform. You can identify key trends across employees, teams and the company, understand call patterns and customer behaviour with speech analytics. Plus, you can make instant, impactful changes using real-time data to drive decisions. Also, you can evaluate and playback all business calls using one comprehensive analytics suite. 

With 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, you save time and money by getting all of the benefits of a robust and global enterprise communications solution. One, moreover, that integrates with Teams without the hassle of having to manage a communications infrastructure. In addition, it all happens without requiring you to change your users’ Teams experience. 

Learn more about the benefits of 8×8 Voice for Teams here, or get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss it further.