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8×8 Connectivity

Ideal setup for 8×8 when in the office

To create the ideal setup for 8×8 when in the office, the end users should be connected via an ethernet lead and be on the latest software version for the best experience. The network configuration requirements have been shared with IT.

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Ideal setup for 8×8 when in the office (when using a handset)

Handset dependent, a PC can be connected to the back of the handset in a daisy chain, this has its limitations. Some handsets have a 100MB throughput and handsets can reboot when processing updates.

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Our tips

The above points are valid for home workers. We are able to provide a Network Utility Test for home users to test their broadband settings. Do keep in mind, home internet services are contended and so can fluctuate in performance. Call quality can be impacted when members of the household are streaming videos, are on the X Box or Playstation. Ensure SIP ALG has been turned off on the broadband router.
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Use of the Office WiFi (Ethernet lead not available)

Use of the Office WiFi should only be attempted if an Ethernet Lead is not available. The WiFi coverage should be checked and is not guaranteed. Moving around the office on a call can cause a fluctuation in call quality. Some mobile phone devices will run on different frequencies and will need to be configured for best performance.


Our tips

Connecting using WiFi at home can have varying levels of success. The best results will be achieved when the Laptop/ Mobile device are in the same room as the Router.
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When out of the office

When out of the office a mobile device will have 2 options to make of receive calls.

Mobile Data: this option works well where the coverage is good and there is no congestion on the mobile network.

Mobile Minutes: this is the most reliable option when out of the office. Mobile minutes requires a smaller amount of connectivity for a good quality call when compared to Mobile Data. This option is dependent on the mobile coverage at that time. Coverage can vary when travelling.

When using inbound mobile minutes and the call is not answered calls may route to the mobile voicemail.

When using mobile minutes you will not have the standard 8×8 such as the ability to transfer a call.

Consultative approach

Our origins are as consultants and one of our early projects added several tens of million pounds to our customer’s sales by diverting sales enquiries to alternative destination on no answer. This was a significant piece of work but the returns were clearly significant.

As part of any onboarding process NSL are very happy to take a complete holistic view of your comms and make suggestions of potential opportunities.

As a business NSL don’t simply sell ‘boxes’ but actively work to help your business with a cost-effective solution tailor made for your business or operation.

The solutions that NSL deploy have a range of analytics enabling our customers to measure and manage their performance.

To find out more make an appointment with one of our specialists today.


  • Easier to scale and add new users
  • Does not affect the bandwidth of other devices
  • Allows remote workers to connect from anywhere

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