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NSL delivers heavenly UC solution that helps Angel Call Handling optimise services and reliable support

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The Customer

Angel Call Handling is a completely remote, family-run business with over 30 agents. The business offers white label call handling for businesses of all sizes, with a focus on first-class customer service for a seamless caller experience.
Managed by Angel’s owner, Sarah Sharp, each agent is trained to manage calls for their customers’ businesses, and works remotely as a dedicated employee, but without the costs attached to hiring internally.

The Challenge

Running a completely remote team comes with its own challenges, especially around assessing the productivity of staff and ensuring the best audio quality on calls, given that each agent uses their own home internet connection to facilitate calls.

Sarah was already unhappy with her previous supplier BT, due to a lack of ongoing support and direct contacts for any issues experienced, some of which were already impacting the caller experience.

“There was a 5-second delay before some numbers would connect to BT Business Direct, meaning 5 seconds of silence for the caller, damaging some of our call statistics too.”

Sarah Sharpe, Owner, Angel Call Handling

Then, the entire system went offline for over 4 hours, causing panic among the team. BT sent a statement with no apology, mentioning a fix would be ready in a couple of days.

This wasn’t good enough for Sarah, so she decided to look elsewhere, remembering a fun exchange with NSL’s Business Development Manager, Leicester Dougal, at a local business expo, when they were exhibiting next to each other.

The Solution

After learning more about the business, Leicester quickly arranged a demo of 8×8’s hosted telephony platform and Sarah was impressed with the flexibility of the platform, as well as the continuity procedures in place to ensure a reliable connection.

Knowing that she wanted to move away from BT as soon as possible, Leicester designed the new solution in partnership with Sarah in less than two weeks, simultaneously training Sarah on all the settings available, so she had full control of her new system.

The Results

Now, Sarah and her team have a fully-fledged Unified Communications solution that ensures all her remote team have a reliable platform – Staff can even take calls with them, with apps for both mobiles and computers – and there was no disruption to the lines during the transition either!

“The move to 8×8 was completely seamless. Our clients didn’t even realise we’d changed platforms, until we explained why statistics were improving so quickly, even benefiting in ways we didn’t even anticipate.”

Sarah Sharpe

The knock-on effect to Angel’s clients has been incredibly positive too. For example, working with one local council, Sarah’s team has been able to drop average wait times to 17 seconds, a 3x reduction!

And after a few catch-ups post-roll-out, Sarah is fully confident in making the most of the 8×8 platform, with no issues since deployment and the ability to enhance credibility, having more awareness over the performance of their system.

“We needed to make sure we could replicate the same wallboards we used already, which was much easier than anticipated. There was a lot of new functionalities too, that I wanted to explore… I knew right away that 8×8 was right for us.”

Sarah Sharpe, Owner, Angel Call Handling

“We took the spreadsheet that contained all our call routing and workflows and worked together to get everything live much faster than I thought was possible!”

Sarah Sharpe

“Everything’s been ticking over nicely, and when clients come to us with what they think is an issue on our side, we’ve got the ability to troubleshoot and prove that the problem is on their end, which is giving Angel a more professional standing in the market.”

Sarah Sharpe

Make a great connection

We simplify the complexity of Telecoms so you can be the best version of yourself.
Our team takes the time to showcase a greater level of detail so you can assess and scrutinise until you feel reassured.

What Makes NSL Special

Every decision we make says something about who we are.
We believe that authenticity is our most precious commodity as a business.
We take the time to listen to our customers and act in their best interests for a pain-free experience.

“Our reputation and results accumulated over time have ensured our long-term endurance.”

We believe in the strength of a goal-orientated customer journey. We take the time to build a depth of knowledge around our customers that never needs to be diluted by change of management.
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