Telephone Systems

The foundation of any company’s communication structure is the choice of telephone system. This is a key decision and NSL have had many years of providing Cloud (hosted) and Physical systems, and as NSL are brand agnostic, with no incentives or targets, so can provide unbiased support and advice.

The telephone system chosen is key to how your customers communicate with you, and your ability to respond in a way that suits your customer.

At no point in history has the phrase ‘the consumer is king’ been more appropriate and the consumer will want to communicate with you as a business in a way that suits them, which is not necessarily through traditional channels, – if you had Uber or Airbnb in the strategic plan a few years ago you are a very wise person.

Undoubtedly there are businesses whose requirement is a simple voice solution with a single location and use telephone handsets and NSL can advise accordingly.

Also there are businesses that are multi site, UK only, or Uk and International, with home and remote workers who want to improve collaboration using a range of handsets, soft phones, mobile apps and conference phones and equally NSL will advise.

And moving on from voice solutions to include social media, e-mail, chat to create an Omni Channel solution NSL can help with the transition at a speed that is appropriate to the culture of the business you manage.

NSL remain committed to advising all customers on suitable DR (Disaster Recover) options, or Business Continuity if you prefer. What ever the size or nature of the business DR should be considered and there are cost effective options available.

And of course underpinning any telephone system are the telephone lines or connectivity; historically the choice was simple, ‘which ISDN’ and now with the planned 2025 closure of ISDN, and the requirement of telephone systems to do more, internet connections (IP) are the future, although still selecting ISDN may still be a prudent solution.

NSL have been delivering voice on IP connections for many years and will always recommend that the ‘best available’ connectivity is utilised, that there is a back option, and voice and data are delivered on separate circuits. This does not preclude the use of soft phones with routers have dual WAN connectivity and IP address routing. This may appear a belt and braces approach but with most business’e dependancy on staying connected this is a worthwhile plan.

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