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About Us

NSL are a DIP, Digital Infrastructure Provider (Ofcom registered) with a unique approach to business in the telecoms market.

Through our extensive portfolio of products, NSL are able to provide the best available telecoms solutions to our customers.

We are a business-only DIP, so our customers benefit from consistent services. NSL are also active with the trade organisation FCS; liaising with legislating bodies and the incumbent national public telephone network to ensure that all advice provided considers forward trends and legislation.

Our people are telecoms professionals who care passionately about the services that NSL provide to our customers.

With a flat management structure and no targets or bonuses, NSL ensure that the focus of the business continues to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Founded in 1996, the mission is to be the comms expert for companies that do not have one and to work closely with telecom managers in larger organisations.

NSL have no allegiance or targets to achieve with any network, so will only deliver solutions that are right for the customer and will set realistic expectations. Demonstrating our confidence, our standard contracts are 30 days, only varying when there is a specific product requirement.