Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI offers a complete platform for self-service digital engagement delivering your customers a best in class journey.

The journey is with a web based portal providing 6 solutions, which, along with providing your customers an exceptional experience also delivers efficiencies in your business often, for examples, reducing the quantity of e-mails received by over 50%.

AI offers your web site visitors a comprehensive searchable knowledge based solutions powered by Natural Language Understanding; and can engage your customers with a Chabot that can seamlessly integrate with your CRM and live chat.

FAQs can be interactive with the words that your customers type in both the FAQ section as well as alongside e0mail ‘contact us’ answering the customer’s question before they have to send the e-mail.

In addition to providing answers for your customers AI can also be an additional resource for your agents giving them access to an amazing knowledge base which interacts with their current enquiry.

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