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Call Centre UC

How would you like your customers to contact you? NSL can deliver a solution that delivers on that question.

Would you like details of call outcomes for both the caller and the agent? – No problem.

How would you like to manage your team, with a light touch or right through to desktop monitoring, it is your choice.

Would you like detail of unresolved calls, perhaps missed sales calls, this is a routine report.

Are detailed analytics required to manage competition between your agents, it is all available.

World leading system

These and a host of other features are available on the 8×8 VCC solution, and as an 8×8 Wholesale Partner NSL can deliver the VCC solution along with the complete service wrap including advice, regular reviews, data connections, cost centre billing, and of course, the advice is unbiased – see ‘about us’.

Having worked with contact centres from our inception over 25 years ago NSL has kept up to date with the developments in the market, researching the technologies as they became available, and from this work NSL partnered with 8×8 as we, along with Gartner, believe it is the best product; also 8×8 are a good cultural fit for both ongoing development and support.

Feature rich

The 8×8 VCC product is incredibly feature rich, the only way to convey the depth of the offering is to demo it, and as part of the process NSL can facilitate VO loan licenses.

With over 180 patents, and the only Contact Centre solution that has proprietary ownership of the whole process enabling 8×8 VCC to deliver benefits to your business without external influences.

8×8 is a completely revolutionary process of communications for a contact centre, it is a software, not a telephone system or network, truly Unified Comms (UC) so designed from the ground up as a total solution, not several different solutions bolted together.

And naturally, as software architecture, it is compatible with many APIs and so integration with existing work processes is usually possible.

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  • World leading system for customer communication
  • Compatible with many APIs
  • Can deliver efficiencies across your business

Make a great connection

We simplify the complexity of Telecoms so you can be the best version of yourself.
Our team takes the time to showcase a greater level of detail so you can assess and scrutinise until you feel reassured.

What Makes NSL Special

Every decision we make says something about who we are.
We believe that authenticity is our most precious commodity as a business.
We take the time to listen to our customers and act in their best interests for a pain-free experience.

“Our reputation and results accumulated over time have ensured our long-term endurance.”

We believe in the strength of a goal-orientated customer journey. We take the time to build a depth of knowledge around our customers that never needs to be diluted by change of management.
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