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PCI Card Payments

NSL offer a range of DSS compliant PCI services designed to protect your business, your staff and your customers no matter how simple or complex your requirements.

Using an NSL service calls can be recorded.

Pay by link

Generate customised payment links directly to your customer on whatever channel is convenient for them. This is a multi-award-winning service and offers the below benefits:

  • The service removes all sensitive card details from the merchant environment and as such separates the environment from the PCI DSS scope.
  • The additional authentication methods shift the liability from the merchant to the card issuer and so eliminates fraud-related chargebacks.
  • The service is acquirer and PSP agnostic and because the Card Not Present transaction is secure, the Non-Secure Transaction Fee or Premium Transaction charge is reduced or often removed.
  • Transactions can be processed over multiple channels including, e-mail, text, chat and social media so you can process a transaction with confidence and ease regardless of where or how your customer communicates with you.

Reduce Costs with ‘Open Banking’

NSL supports the latest payment technology, which enables merchants to request and accept account-to-account payments in a few simple clicks thus substantially reducing fees from acquirers.


This service allows customers to enter their card details into their handset whilst talking to a member of your team.

  • An agent has the ability to see the transaction being processed in a secure manner.
  • The solution removes all sensitive information from the merchant environment.
  • The service is acquirer and PSP agnostic providing a seamless adoption of the service.
  • The service removes any PCI DSS obstacles whilst processing payments over the phone. The service is Level 1 PCI DSS approved. Full compliance has already been secured so you don’t have to worry.


This service is fully automated and benefits from the same security and compliance offered by Focus.

  • Assist has been designed to allow customers to call a dedicated number at a time that is convenient for them to process a payment, entering a unique reference, the amount they would like to pay and their card details.
  • This service is perfect for your customers and reduces business costs as no member of staff is required for the transaction.
  • Confirmation of the payment is sent to a specified team and automatically syncs with the acquirer and PSP.

Contact us to help us to understand your payment challenges and we will help you find a solution that is fully compliant and protects your team and your customers.


  • DSS compliant PCI services
  • Generate secure payment links
  • Fully automated service
  • The whole call can be recorded
  • Ideal for home workers
  • Payments can be scheduled
  • MOTO or E-Commerce solutions

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