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PCI Card Payments

With 5 different options to meet your specific needs there is a product for you.

All options totally descope the telephone call and also the agent, and the contact centre, with options for transactions made using e-mail, text and social media as well.

There is no use of ‘pause and resume’ which is no longer compliant. Please see a link to the latest PCI Council standards on the left.

The range of products includes a complete self-service option where your customers could pay bills at any time they choose giving them complete convenience; and the range of products also includes the agent assist so the agent can continue the conversation whilst your customer enters their details, all the agent sees is * as the detail is entered, and obviously the DTMF tones are suppressed so the full duration of the call can be recorded which is required if the recording is ever required for legal use.

‘Friendly fraud’ is a concern to many businesses where the cardholder makes the transaction but post the event denies the purchase and the card provider then credits the customer and debits the business. The credit / debit may be authorised even is the claim is considered possibly fraudulent as the credit card company wished to retain their customer and there is little downside to them.

With our e-commerce solution which uses advanced security the identity of the card holder is confirmed which removes the possibility of friendly fraud with the card provider underwriting the risk and not our customer. E-commerce transaction rates are usually more commercially attractive than MOTO rates so this service is a very attractive option.

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