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Marketing Numbers

Your choice of the telephone number(s) that your business uses is worthy of consideration for two key reasons:
  • They are a key part of your image
  • They can help manage your customer’s or prospect’s behaviour

And because of this the choice has a direct effect on your business’s efficiency.

Why do you want people to ring you?

  • Have more sales calls; use an 0800 / 0808 number
  • Support a web site sales process use an 0844 number
  • Reduce non-productive calls, use an 0844 number
  • Present a national image use an 03XX number
  • Present a local image use several 01 & 02 numbers
  • Market internationally, have a local country number
  • Market to the USA, have a 1-800 number

Measure marketing ROI

Should you provide a range of telephone numbers for people to ring depending on their reason for contact, or, when marketing in different media enabling you to measure the media’s ROI?

Using different telephone numbers will improve your efficiency by managing the calls and call flows, providing analytics to measure and manage.

Some of these efficiencies can also be driven by managing call routing on a marketing number platform as they have greater capability and are more agile than traditional or cloud telephone systems.

Manging call flows is easy and not technical so access to make changes can be part of your normal support team’s job function, no technical skills required.

Reduce costs

Costs can also be reduced by managing the calls on the network, not on costly local equipment, only delivering calls to the agents when there is capacity to have the calls answered.

And did we say that as NSL have been providing great connections since 1996 with commercials that are market-leading.

The analytics are detailed enabling your team to measure and manage the service and to fine-tune efficiencies even further, this will show call volumes at different times of day, and days of the week, even when your business is closed highlighting additional opportunities; and a lot more besides.

And, if the worst should happen and business continuity planning needs to be invoked, or even that your team need to work from home, pre-planned or dynamic routing can be deployed so any call loss is minimised.

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  • Key part of your image
  • Manage customer behaviour
  • Measure marketing ROI
  • Reduce operating costs

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