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0800 Telephone Numbers

Your telephone number is more than just a method of contact, the right telephone number can greatly improve your business’ performance, your customer’s perception and your pipeline.

From marketing to reporting and even operational efficiency, utilising multiple phone numbers, particularly 0800 numbers, help to ensure your business performs to its full potential and saves you money too.

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What are the advantages of an NSL Telecoms 0800 number?

1. They are free to call. A recent study showed that 68% of callers felt that companies using freephone numbers care more about their customers than those that don’t, if you want to show that customer service is important to you, having at least one 0800 number is a step in the right direction.

2. 0800 numbers are easier to remember, which is ideal for print media and billboards. In these situations, prospects in general have a second or two to remember the important information in your advertising. So – you’ll save money on marketing.

3. They give the impression of a national business, no matter the size of your current operation, and even increase incoming calls by up to 300%.

4. By using multiple 0800 numbers for different roles in the business, you can monitor and assess the performance and effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign, product or team.

5. You can download reports with real-time call information which will enable you to maintain and improve service levels and more accurately assess staffing requirements.

6. Ideal for disaster recovery situations, where lines have to be quickly rerouted to employees personal lines while safeguarding anonymity for staff. Here at NSL, our Number Manager allows you to set up new numbers in as little as 24 hours and our dedicated support team can make alterations to existing services even quicker.

7. We guarantee that we will beat your current pence per minute price.

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