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Analytics for Voice Hub

Reporting Call Result definitions

ResultDefinitionAdditional Detail/Comment?
AnsweredCall connected to end party.The call has been answered by a destination rather than an audio or queue which will have a separate status.
AudioCall connected and call hung up with audio playback (eg IVR, Preconnection message).This doesn't always mean the caller hung up pre connection as the service could be set up with just an audio announcement on it.
Call FailedCall could not be connected.
Caller Hung UpCaller hung up whilst attempting to connect to a destination, where duration is zero. Where duration is greater than zero the originator of the call hung up first after connection.
EngagedTarget destination(s) are all engaged and caller hangs up.Excludes calls that get answered by a queue.
QueueCaller hung up whilst in the queue and did not reach a destination.This status will be shown as an Abandonded Call in any wallboard. This status will be displayed if a caller reaches a queue and times out to an audio service too.
VoicemailCall gets answered by a Number Manager voicemail service.Does not include end user voicemail services such as you'd find on a mobile destination. This status will also be displayed if the caller went into a queue and timed out to a Voicemail service.

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