Conference Call

A number of different options are available from one that is ready for you to use now, a simple preplanned service, through to our Conference Plus service that rings all the delegates at the appointed time.

As with many voice services NSL have been providing conference services for many years. Selected services are fully duplex that means delegates don’t ‘interrupt’ the speaker if they wish to interject maintaining the flow of the call and all participants hear all that is said. This provides the best voice quality.

All services are cost effective, and can be provided on any UK local area code, or on 03 or 08 numbers. Additionally international numbers are available facilitating local access for international delegates; a combination of these numbers can be used on the same conference.

Services can be personalised to your company’s name ‘Welcome to ABC Ltd conference service…..’ and callers can join the conference in silence, with a beep, or by stating their name, with the same applying as callers leave the call.

A ‘Watch’ screen is available so the conference manager has sight of the participants that are on the conference along with the number that they have accessed the conference with providing an element of location information.

Conference calls can also be recorded and downloaded.

Additionally for large usage of conference calls a very competitive service is available providing a duo-plex service, again feature rich.

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