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We’re going green and leading by example

Numbers from the Met Office show that the UK was already 1.1°C warmer on average between 2011 and 2020, than it was between 1961 and 1990. That’s a trend we want to do our part to help mitigate, and we want our customers to join us too !

As we like to say at NSL, every decision we make says something about who we are. We also do all we can to be authentic, which means we don’t make empty promises. Which is why we’ve joined Wenta – a Hertfordshire Council initiative helping local businesses think greener and limit the impact we all have on the UK’s changing climate.

They’re helping us take a fresh look at our policies and procedures to make them more environmentally friendly, as well as provide access to green grants and services.

What we’re exploring…


Paperless strategies


Office recycling


Energy saving strategies


Renewable energy


Carbon offset schemes

Wenta Net Zero Badges

Helping our customers go green

We’ve already been awarded Wenta’s Bronze accreditation, thanks to our hardware recycling scheme and removing single-use plastics from the office. And we’re excited to be working towards their Silver accreditation at the minute, and then Gold after that!

Our products and services also naturally lend themselves to helping businesses like yours go green too! For example:

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Hybrid working

Deploying a robust hybrid or remote working strategy reduces CO2 emissions by lowering the number of commutes staff have to make, also reducing energy consumption on site and leads to much lower paper usage too, with far fewer files physically changing hands.

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Full Fibre services are inherently greener than their legacy copper alternatives like FTTC. Sending data as flashes of light, instead of electrical impulses on copper cables, can reduce network energy consumption by one-third!

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The Cloud

Whether for data storage, processing or one of many other use-cases, leveraging the cloud enables you to take advantage of and the incredibly energy-efficient datacentres of Microsoft, AWS and Google.

Not only does this reduce the energy consumption required to house your data and applications compared to less efficient on-premise servers, but it also means lower utility costs for your business, as there’s no need for the on-site servers at all!

Want to explore green strategies for your business?

Make a great connection

We simplify the complexity of Telecoms so you can be the best version of yourself.
Our team takes the time to showcase a greater level of detail so you can assess and scrutinise until you feel reassured.

What Makes NSL Special

Every decision we make says something about who we are.
We believe that authenticity is our most precious commodity as a business.
We take the time to listen to our customers and act in their best interests for a pain-free experience.

“Our reputation and results accumulated over time have ensured our long-term endurance.”

We believe in the strength of a goal-orientated customer journey. We take the time to build a depth of knowledge around our customers that never needs to be diluted by change of management.
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