When looking for strategic partners to help develop NSL and deliver better solutions to our customers, we look at many factors…

The technology, how easy it is to use, the features and benefits they provide, how they integrate with popular business systems etc. But we also look at the vendor, their brand and values to make sure they’re compatible with ours.

8×8 has been a long-term NSL partner for that exact reason.

“We work hard to limit our carbon footprint, with initiatives such as our hardware recycling scheme and by removing single-use plastics from the office.


We’ve already been awarded Wenta’s Bronze accreditation for these efforts, but we’re not stopping there! We’re excited to be working towards their Silver accreditation at the minute, and then Gold after that.”
Steve Larkinson, Director, NSL

On the other hand, the US-based, industry-leading, global communications supplier works hard to demonstrate exceptional corporate social responsibility, just like NSL – albeit with a much larger budget!

In fact, last month, 8×8 was awarded TrustRadius’ Tech Cares Award, with the key factors for judging including volunteerism, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, charitable donations and fundraising, workplace culture, and demonstrable support for environmental sustainability.

“8×8’s commitment to employee wellbeing with ergonomic support during the pandemic and the creation of a meaningful CSR program truly exemplifies a caring approach towards employees and communities.”
Megan Headley, VP of Research, TrustRadius

You may think that 8×8’s efforts only make a difference across the pond, but you’d be wrong!

Demonstrating 8×8’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the UK, the company published its 8×8 UK Gender Pay Gap report and Carbon Reduction report, which shows that 8×8 has reduced carbon emissions by one-third in recent years.

“We are honoured by this recognition, and all that it signifies, and are committed to continuing to do our part, and more, for those around us and the world we live in.”
Jeanette Winters, Chief Human Resources Officer, 8×8

What does this mean for you?

Consumers and strategic partners are all becoming more discerning, looking to work, and spend their hard-earned money, with businesses that match their values.

As aspects of everyday life, such as environmental initiatives as well as other social-driven causes, become key differentiators for younger consumers and decision-makers, leveraging 8×8’s technology means your business is already doing its bit to minimise its environmental impact.

By aligning your business with those same values, you stand the best chance of gaining new customers and enhancing your brand recognition in your industry. So, don’t hesitate to book a call with our Director, Steve, who will talk you through all the ways we can help your business be more environmentally friendly!