As the cost of doing business continues to rise, organisations of all sizes are looking for new ways to cut expenses while increasing productivity. For many businesses, IT systems and support already eat up a lot of a budget, but they’re also intrinsically linked to the performance and profitability of a business. We all know, in our evermore digitalised world, that IT and tech are essential to boosting operations but how can business leaders ensure they’re using the latest cutting-edge technology while keeping costs low?

The answer? A managed service provider.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider or MSP is a business or individual employed by an organisation to manage its IT systems, ensuring everything is up-to-date, efficient, and safe. MSPs can also offer advice and support on the days when tech issues seem never-ending, allowing managers and employees to focus on their work.

But they aren’t the only advantages of employing an MSP. Keep reading to discover five key benefits of outsourcing a business’ IT support.

Specialist Knowledge
MSPs are experts in everything tech and IT meaning there is no problem that they can’t get to the bottom of. Whether it’s upgrading an IT system, eliminating recurring issues, training staff on the latest programmes, introducing cloud systems, or ensuring a business is using the best programme for its needs, an MSP is a reliable expert to solve it all.

Access Latest Technology
For many businesses, ensuring they’re using the latest technology, and using it right, can be a whole job in itself. Business leaders and employees often don’t have the time to monitor for updates and track wider technology trends to see if they’re using the systems that will bring the highest levels of efficiency. An MSP will take care of all of that and will keep leaders informed if a new platform could provide greater productivity and will even ensure staff have the support they need when using new programmes.

Boost Efficiency
Efficiency is the lifeblood of any business and IT systems are designed to ensure businesses can remain effective, although that isn’t always the case. An MSP will enable a business to scale up and down its operations with ease thanks to their expertise and help it avoid downtime when IT hiccups do happen. This will allow a team to take back valuable time and control so they can focus on growth, revenue, and business development, safe in the knowledge that they’re using the best systems possible.

Improve Security
Cybersecurity is one of the primary IT concerns for any business, but as cybercriminals get smarter, many organisations are struggling to keep pace to defend themselves. An MSP won’t only provide the expertise to protect a business from cybercrime but will provide the peace of mind to leaders that their crucial information is safe and secure.

Predictable Spending
All the benefits listed so far might have had the budget alarm bells ringing, but the cost of working with an MSP is much more effective than businesses managing their own IT systems. Not only will organisations save on the cost of hiring (estimated to be around £3,000 per employee at the time of writing) but they’ll also have the luxury of predictable spending.

MSPs usually work on a pay-monthly contract, which will include much of the service and support they provide, saving businesses up to 60% of the cost of an in-house team. And that’s not considering the potential for office downsizing and savings on energy bills…

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