While I am sure that everybody who is reading this is aware of the need to move away from ISDN, the challenge is where to. Over the years ISDN, whilst inflexible, has been stable and provides good service levels with established fault resolutions, that usually are affected within the SLA returning to a reliable stable product.

Clearly the obvious route is to replace ISDN with SIP, which can be commercially attractive at the expense of resilience, but if SIP is delivered in its most resilient form than there is little commercial advantage over ISDN. ISDN is a 2Mb lease line dedicated for voice; 30 x 64Mb channels with 2 channels for signalling, so a 2048 circuit.

Using SIP, there is a growing collective community voice, NSL have always recommended, that SIP has a dedicated data circuit, but even at its best, by using a data circuit the potential opportunities for faults increase significantly. Often multiple routers and switches are used which, as we all know, are the ‘root’ of many issues.

Because of this, as yet, there is no successfully proven fault resolution process that is as effective as the ISDN solution. Before the fault can be rectified it has to be found, with different networks and hardware involved. This challenge is not only at the end user premises but also at network level, and over the last 12 months there have been an unprecedented number of network challenges across many major networks, often with the resolution not immediately identifiable.

The alternative to SIP is SaaS (Software as a Service) which delivers call traffic over the company’s existing data network, but with the design of call flow the resilience is far improved over SIP. Usually cost neutral, SaaS has built in DR, along with other services and user practices that increase the company productivity that will help them along the UC route at a pace befitting the company’s culture.

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