This notification is issued as a special message to all NSL customers using BT lines, issued by Openreach.


Throughout the series of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the safety of our engineers and your customers has been of prime importance and we have updated our working practices appropriate to the changing situation.

Last month, 15 March 2021, for our Service delivery (SD) operation, we were able to remove some of the restrictions on the provision of our Ultrafast products, meaning we were able to move back to amber working, across the UK.

We said that we would continue to review our Covid working practices and would give you advance notice of any further changes, to help you with your own plans.

We are pleased to now announce that we are able to return to green working, across the UK for SD, with effect from Thursday 29 April 2021.

This means that for appointed repair and provision work for all of our copper, superfast and ultrafast products, where work cannot be completed externally in the network, we will enter the end customer premises.

We will now be able to work beyond the NTE / ONT, for more than just provision and TLOS, including for NTE shifts, MI tasks, TRC and speed related issues.

However, in all cases, our engineers will continue to carry out a personal risk assessment and maintain the current safety guidelines, at all times. This includes asking the three screening questions. We would like to remind CPs of the importance of continuing to screen their customers when booking appointments and to manage their expectations of what the engineering visit will entail.

Also, in order to minimise our engineers’ time in end customer premises the guidance, as always, is do the work and then step out for testing handover.

For non-appointed repair and provision, we will continue working externally in the network and not entering the end customer premises.  Any jobs that cannot be completed in the network will need to go back for appointing.

There is no change to our Fibre and Network Delivery (FND) operations, as these are already working at green across the UK.


Further details of these working practices, together with the UK RAG status, can be found on the Covid-19 notifications pages here


As always if you need any support or advice, please contact your customer experience manager.




Openreach Communications