NSL Telecoms has recently held a partner day focusing on the continual development of the comms market and the new opportunities that are generated. In particular these include; unified comms, inbound numbers and PCI ‘card holder not present’ transactions. Using our PCI DSS accredited platforms, we collect and suppress card details ready for secure processing by payment service providers. No major changes are needed to an organisation’s existing processes and transaction details are instantly available to CRM systems.

What the day included

The NSL Telecoms partner day provided attendees with a general market update which highlighted the ‘golden window of opportunity’ we now have planning for the 2025 PSTN network switch off. BT announced that it will switch off its ISDN and PSTN network by 2025. All customers will be migrated to a single IP core network using session initiation protocol (SIP). This coincides with the growth of Unified Comms and the ever tightening requirements to be PCI compliant. Being PCI compliant can mean different things to different organisations, particularly those using multiple trading platforms. NSL Telecoms provides a fully PCI Level 1 compliant voice solution with 3 options; live with agent transaction; ‘hand off’ to the platform to complete the payment after the sales call; or fully automatic process for your customer to ring in and complete payment, ideal for re-occurring payments and renewals. During the process your customer enters their card details via their telephone handset, the DTMF tones are suppressed and the platform processes the payment directly with your merchant.

After the market update there was a detailed presentation of the services provided by inbound numbers and the benefits for the end customer. This was followed by a demonstration of the 4 PCI compliant products. This included automatic payment lines and services that are compatible with chat and social media etc. These products are not only secure but also protect the end customers from claw back and can even reduce their merchant payment charges by moving from MOTO to e-commerce.

The partner day was a great success and many opportunities were created by networking between the partners. For more information on the development of the comms market and NSL Telecoms products and services email info@nsltelecoms.co.uk or alternatively speak to a member of the team on 0345 678 6646.