Whats new in the latest 8×8 update

8×8 have issued an update (Version 6.9.3 published on 01/07/20) to their Virtual Office platform, we wanted to summarise the changes for you:

Core & Voice

  • Incoming call popup overhaul
  • InCall UX productivity overhaul (e.g. easier to Promote Call to Meeting)
  • Option to easily transfer from Call Logs and Directory
  • New Profile panel to replace native menu
  • Default hidden native menu on Windows
  • Quit app via the Windows taskbar icon
  • One-click presence change via the Windows taskbar icon
  • Proactive DND user awareness
  • User control on feedback screenshots
  • SMP Account Settings opened outside VOD in the default browser
  • Settings > Audio & Video guiding to the Meetings area
  • [Meet Now] icon in the 1:1 chat header
  • New [Meet now] new video icon
  • Enhanced display results for the Expert Finder bot
  • Enhanced tooltip UX (with 8×8/oxygen-tooltip)

Some of the System requirements may have changed too, so we have listed 8×8 recommendations for you below:

For a complete list of requirements, refer to the Technical Requirements.

You can download the latest version of 8×8 Virtual Office here:

If you have any issues with this version, or if you have any questions about your services, please get in touch support@nsltelecoms.co.uk and we’d be happy to help.