October 2019 sees the launch of the new 020 ‘4’ range of telephone numbers; this is following ever growing demand for additional numbers in London. As always, numbers will only be allo-cated by Ofcom subject to justified demand.

The 020 4 numbers are for the entire London area, as are the 020 3 / 7 / 8. The demarcation of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ London was abolished in the year 2000.

There is no change to any existing London telephone numbers.

Ofcom has requested that we strengthen our customers understanding that the area code for London is 020, which is followed by an 8 digit subscriber number.

By using IP telephony services, or NTS virtual numbers, it is of course, possible to have a virtual London presence without the cost of a London based office.

For more information please email info@nsltelecoms.co.uk or alternatively speak to a member of the team on 0345 678 6646.