NSL Service Update

There is a major network outage affecting large parts of the UK telephone network, both mobile and landline.

  • Gamma, Vodafone and BT are all reporting a major loss of service.
  • We will post further information about the outage here as and when we receive it.
  • The Website (istheservicedown.co.uk) has reported that the following issues are the most reported:


BT (DownDeterctor) Outage Heat map:


Vodafone (DownDeterctor) Outage Heat map


Vodafone’s latest update

Hey! We’re aware of a current network outage and we’re working hard to get this resolved as quickly as we can! We’ll keep everyone updated once we’re back to normal again. (1:56 PM, 19th June 2020)

Gamma (DownDeterctor) Outage Heat map:


Gamma’s latest update:

  • We are now receiving reports that services are restoring, we are seeing calls successfully completing, we believe the issue is resolved.
  • We are awaiting an official clear from Vodafone before we conclude final resolution.
  • We advise at this stage that you retest and please report to the service desk if you are still experiencing any issues.
  • A further update will be posted by 17.00 or sooner should information become available.

For up to date notifications on this please go to this site: https://www.gamma.co.uk/support/service-status/.