Unified Communications and Omni technologies have been with us for a while and the feedback from contact centres that use them is not as joyous as the sellers of the technologies would like. Worse still is that it appears that the industries investing in these technologies are not talking to the contact centres that are expected to make them work.

Call centres are faced with a number of challenges. The first being agents who have exceptional verbal and written skills, have higher earning potential meaning they are too expensive for the call centre.

Additional feedback is that agents can handle only 3 chats at a time, rather than the common expectation of 5. Also, as the agent is often not a skilled writer the chat frustrates the customer. Importantly, the customer would prefer to ring and hold longer with a successful outcome, than be answered at a rate to meet a target and not have a successful outcome.

So the conclusion so far with UC / Omni Channel is that there is no silver bullet. Customers who want to ring, choose to do so and that is the large majority. Generally the improvement of service goes with an increase in agents. Whilst contact centres are being sold the UC / Omni Channel, the best business process may still be Multi Channel with agents as experts in their given channel.

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