Friendly Fraud is coming to the UK

Friendly fraud is an emerging trend in the USA which is also expected to affect the UK in the coming months. The action of carrying out ‘friendly fraud’ is theft and is considered a crime, punishable in court. It occurs when a customer purchases an online service, like a ticket for a concert, then ‘post event’ claims that they did not carry out the transaction and did not attend. They then contact their bank to get the charge removed.

This fraudulent activity extends to claims that the product wasn’t delivered, the item was returned and no refund has been made and many more. Whilst it is not 100% preventable, there are actions that can be taken to avoid being targeted;

  • Creating payment agreements at checkout
  • Requiring signature on delivery
  • Keeping records of your communication with customers

Our Solution
Today, organisations that store, process or transmit card holder information must comply with all current, ongoing and future PCI regulations. For many years NSL Telecoms have supplied telephone services enabling customers to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 compliant and totally de-scope their call centres. We provide a compliant voice solution with 3 options;

  • Live transaction with an agent
  • ‘Hand off’ to the platform to complete the payment after the sales call
  • Fully automatic process for customers to ring in and complete payment

The latest addition to our suite of PCI compliant products confirms the identity of the purchaser as part of the process thus mitigating the risk of claw backs. Using NSL Telecoms’ PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) accredited platforms, the card details can be collected and suppressed, ready for secure processing by payment service providers.

To further support our position as experts in the industry, NSL are a CP (Communications Provider registered with Ofcom) with a unique approach to business in the telecoms market. Through our extensive portfolio of products we are able to provide the best available telecoms solutions to our customers.

We are a business-only CP so our customers benefit from consistent services. NSL are also active with the trade organisation FCS; liaising with legislating bodies and the incumbent national public telephone network to ensure that all advice provided considers forward trends and legislation.

Our people are telecoms professionals who care passionately about the services that NSL provide to our customers.

If you would like to know more about friendly fraud and our PCI compliant platforms read our PCI Call Payment Processing product sheet, or alternatively speak to a member of the team on 0345 678 6646.

View our PCI call payment processing product sheet

About NSL Telecoms

NSL Telecoms are a communications provider registered with Ofcom, The Office of Communication, providing a wide range of services and products including the following amongst others;

  • Voice and Data Connectivity
  • Cost Centre Billing
  • Consultancy
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Telephone Lines and Calls
  • Dialler Services

Our team are telecoms professionals who care passionately about the services that NSL provide to customers. IP Expo gave us the perfect opportunity to speak to relevant prospects within the IT industry that can benefit from our services and products.

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