In the past few years, you may have noticed customer service calls taking longer to get through, delays in responses and an overall lack of focus on ‘ the customer experience’.

Some may ‘apologise for the delay’ or bend over backwards to re-instil confidence in the brand, but surely these are just sticking plasters hiding the real problem!

In fact, The Telegraph recently posted a story that put numbers to these widespread feelings, and the findings are eye-opening.

  • 2022 saw the sharpest year-on-year drop in customer satisfaction since the ICS (Institute of Customer Service) began tracking data in 2008.
  • UK Customer Satisfaction Index slumped year-on-year from 78.4 to 76.6, the lowest since 2015 when companies were struggling to recover from the financial crisis.
  • “Nearly half of customers” said issues are taking longer than expected to be resolved, up from 37% last year.

And while Energy and Water Utilities are the worst offenders, all industries are affected, but there’s an answer… NSL can help businesses of all shapes and sizes make sure they’re not becoming a contributor to these statistics!

“One of NSL’s main focuses is enhancing the calling experience for our business customers. Every one is different so we take our time to understand what the business needs to make their callers feel valued and to differentiate our customers from their competitors.” Steve Larkinson, Director, NSL

NSL makes its customers’ digital transformation projects reality by creating agile solutions that are ready for whatever life throws their way, able to scale with the business’ growth and flex to their commercial and operational needs.

For proof of this forward-thinking focus, you only need to look at some of NSL’s case studies, where customers have been bowled over by the quality, functionality and reliability of their new connectivity and telecoms services!
Angel Call Handling Logo

Angel Call Handling

A fully-remote, family-run business with over 30 agents that offers white label call handling for businesses of all sizes. ACH needed a more reliable phone system to ensure brand credibility and caller satisfaction.

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Trafalgar Theatres

From top West End productions to live music acts, Trafalgar Theatres runs many of the UK’s most prestigious performance venues. After reopening post-Covid, TT wanted to ensure its staff were as productive as possible and deliver an enhanced purchasing experience.

So, if you’re wondering how you can make your customer experience better, or you have an idea but don’t know where to start, feel free to get in touch with the NSL team on +44 (0) 345 678 6646, and make those dreams a reality!