Telecoms price increases are (sadly) part of all of our yearly financials, but this year will be something different, and the first time we will have been forced to increase our prices in 26 years!

BT has announced that prices could jump as much as 12% this April…
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Obviously, there are some sound causes for BT bumping annual prices – research and development, new products, etc. – as well as maintaining legacy services.

For example, BT and Openreach’s plans for the 2025 Switch Off – when all legacy ISDN and PSTN lines will be deactivated – has required massive investment and the government’s funds can only go so far.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for BT said: “As usage across our networks continues to increase and with our customers relying on us for connectivity more than ever before, it’s crucial we continue to invest in our network, services and the latest technology. As such our prices are due to rise next year, as per our terms and conditions…”

Our opinion

In our opinion, this has undoubtedly been caused by inflationary pressures and the pandemic, but it’s also partly due to the industry move away from traditional telephone lines to IP. And while this is the first significant price increase for many years, it’s likely to not be the last before the closure in 2025, as more services move to an ‘All-IP Infrastructure’.

As businesses prepare for 2025 by upgrading to internet-based calling services, the fixed overheads of telephone lines per customer increases, and the costs are being shared between fewer services, raising the price to customers to keep the system operational.

The only resolution for businesses will come if you’re out of contract with your current provider, and have the time and experience to shop for the best new deal available.

But before you start comparing prices, we’d recommend speaking to us on +44 (0) 345 678 6646 or emailing, as we have a finger on the pulse of telecoms prices, and can save you a significant amount of time, money and stress!