8×8 Announces Experience Communications-as-a-Service (XCaaS)

What’s the news?

May 18, 2021 – 8×8 announced XCaaS, a new delivery model that leverages a single platform to deliver Contact Center-as-a-Services (CCaaS) and Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS). Offering 99.99% availability, 8×8’s XCasS is designed to allow for seamless communications and collaboration, internally as well as with customers. It delivers integrated management and administration, as well as analytics and external application integrations.

The single platform includes integrated contact center, voice, team chat, meetings, and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaas).

What do our metrics say?

Organizations with the highest levels of business success find compelling improvements when they use a single, cloud provider for UC and contact center, according to Metrigy’s Customer Engagement Transformation: 2020-21 research study of 700 IT and CX. As the chart below indicates, those using an on-premises provider also see benefits, but the numbers for revenue, CX ratings, and agent efficiency are more compelling with cloud providers.

Uc Cc Integration

What’s Metrigy’s take?

For years, companies have operated their contact centers on islands, with little to no integration with company-wide communications applications. In recent years, companies are finding value integrating the technologies—more for business reasons than anything else. For example, contact center agents can quickly check the presence status of non-contact-center experts, who can join a customer interaction on the spot to help resolve an issue or close a sale. Or, contact center agents and supervisors can simply use the team workspace capabilities to collaborate with one another.

On the employee engagement side, there is value, too. For example, product development engineers or marketing staffs can include agents or supervisors into their team workspaces to get up-to-the-minute input on customer problems or suggestions, which influence product and marketing plans. In addition, they can leverage analytics used in the contact center for internal employees.

Of course, by combining the platforms, companies also can leverage economies of scale with bundled licenses, as well.

What does Metrigy recommend?

We have long advocated the integration of UC and contact center, and CPaaS offers additional value by enabling companies to customize their CX technology. As 8×8 executes on the roadmap for its XCaaS offering, the platform will be able to deliver streamlined services for employee and customer interactions, as well as analytics to document success. IT and CX leaders should evaluate this solution.

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