Moving Office

Moving business premises is part of life for many businesses and NSL have been helping businesses move for well over 20 years.

We often find that businesses have a real conundrum, as they can’t tell the staff until the lease is signed, but have had no opportunity to confirm if the intended new location has sufficient data connectivity for the business to operate efficiently; so we would propose the following: –

Step 1: Find a property. Step 2: Talk to NSL. Step 3: Sign the lease. We are able to operate in a confidential manner if you need us to.

NSL are also able to provide indicative timing for connectivity.

NSL are both nimble and creative when needed, but obviously a move to a well-connected premises with a timescale that allows thorough planning is always a preference, and NSL can help you achieve this.

Moving premises is usually a good opportunity to review your comms estate and take the opportunity to consider options that the introduction of new technology allows; whether it’s simple DR planning, through to refreshing your marketing telephone numbers to enable marketing expenditure to be measured more accurately.

There is also the opportunity to move your comms to new technology with the wealth of benefits that this can provide, as well as future proofing as far as is possible.

Your existing telephone numbers can be taken with you, and NSL can plan and deliver the project in a seamless way, taking your headaches away.

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