DR Planning

Disaster Recovery, or business continuity planning, has always been a key agenda for NSL. However, it is not always easy to plan for as calls can be diverted to an alternate destination, as long as there is an alternate destination to receive calls.

With the move from ISDN and copper analogue lines to connectivity over data circuits, the connectivity is becoming ever more intricate and increasing the number of failure points within a network. Therefore, DR planning is becoming more important. DR planning changes from having an alternative destination, to having the ability to re-route calls to the same destination, but via alternative connectivity options.

At network level, key telephone numbers can be hosted on a NTS network where calls can have multiple destinations including mobiles. Alternative destinations can be activated very quickly, either via a portal, or via an app, or NSL customers can contact our support team to activate any DR plan. Alternatively, a message can be played at network level asking callers to call back, so at least the call is being answered, and the message can be recorded ‘on the fly’, so it is relevant to the timing and situation.

With data circuits and SIP trunks, there are options to have duplicate connectivity on different networks, as well as SIP trunks on different networks or NSL can provide SIP trunks with call management options and dual channels.

As with all enquiries, NSL are happy to discuss the available options to help you plan the most appropriate solution for your business.

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