Cost Centre Billing

One of the key drivers that NSL strives for, is to simplify the management of your comms and invoicing. Throughout our 20 years’ experience,  it has become clear that many businesses are not aware of their comms resources or how much they are paying.

NSL’s invoice is in plain language and as our customer, you have the choice of invoice style:

Style 1: Itemisation of every service, with each labelled however you would like. For example ‘BB bearer for the groundskeeper’s workshop.’

Style 2: Collated invoice that merges all your services in to one description. For example ‘Business Line x 65’.

From our portal, your accounts team can download a CSV which details the individual and total cost for all products in a particular department, location etc. This simplifies the processing of the invoice tremendously, saving hours of work by the accounts department and provides detailed costs for managing your business. Additionally, this details the services used by each cost centre.

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