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1996 when NSL was created, the vision was to help our clients make more money by spending less, whilst providing a better service to their customers. Our ambition has not changed. The only difference now is that we are a Communications Provider (CP) regulated by Ofcom, which we became at the direct request of one of our major customers because there simply wasn’t a CP in the market that delivered the level of service that they required.

So, we have a consultative origin and our message is that we are here to help, either in a structured way or informally, as a sounding board.

Having specialised in Voice since 1996, we have considerable experience both in Voice and business management, so we can help you deliver your objectives in a cost effective and timely way.

Voice is an unusual product, in that the equipment that manages voice transit requires a constant connection, otherwise they need to ‘start over’. This is different to data, which has been designed with the underlying internet protocol (TCP IP), to build and break and is less sensitive than voice.

NSL is a customer centric business, with no allegiance to any particular hardware or network. Therefore, any suggestions will be made on our understanding of what is right for you and your business, not commissions or kickbacks, as we simply don’t have any, other than to meet our customers’ needs.

So, please share your vision, challenges, hopes and dreams with us and we will do our very best to help deliver them.

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