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0800 & Marketing Numbers

Using marketing numbers is a must for any B to C company, providing resiliency, call flow management and reports to have 03 and 08 numbers so any call answering service can be monitored and measured.

Many customer queries can be answered by network messages; opening hours / when does the concert end etc. saving agent contact time.

Contractual purchasing terms can be ‘read’ on the network so the caller positively accepts prior to the call being delivered to the agent, again saving considerable agent contact time. If you call answering is outsourced to a third party call centre owning your own numbers is particularly important so your reporting of call answering performance is at network level rather than the local contact centre.

Network messaging can reduce agent contact time by screening calls for example or agreeing to T&Cs prior to connection and providing generic information. Almost anything can be achieved. Calls can be directed to different locations depending on origin to provide a ‘local’ service.

Multiple numbers can be used on different tariffs depending on the service you wish to provide.

The numbers can be linked to our PCI payment process, allowing the contact centre to be descoped. For more information about the service please select from the list on the left.

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