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Telephone Systems

The foundation of any company’s communication structure is the choice of telephone system and NSL have had many years of providing systems, the bit that makes NSL different is that NSL do not have any commitments to any manufacturer or networks.

NSL has a breadth of products which enables advice given to be objective solely based on your needs and budget. There are times when a new telephone system is not required and the existing system can be upgraded, or the required call routing can be managed within a network instead of a local telephone system, all technologies are considered.

From physical telephone systems through to a SaaS solutions, taking in public cloud, private cloud, and with the industry’s digital transformation moving from ISDN to SIP all options will be considered.

Advice tailored to your needs

NSL understand that no two businesses are the same and the telephone system chosen is key to how your customers communicate with you, and your ability to respond in a way that suits your customers.

At no point in history the phrase ‘the consumer is king’ has been more appropriate and the consumer will want to communicate with you as a business in a way that suits them, which is not necessarily through traditional channels, – if you had Uber or Airbnb in the strategic plan a few years ago you are a very wise person.

Undoubtedly there are businesses whose requirement is a simple voice solution with a single location using telephone handsets and NSL can advise accordingly.

Also, there are businesses that are multi-site, UK or UK and International, with home and remote workers who want to improve collaboration using a range of handsets, soft phones, mobile apps and conference phones and equally, NSL will advise.

And moving on from voice solutions to include social media, e-mail, chat to create an Omni Channel solution NSL can help with the transition at a speed that is appropriate to the culture of the business that you manage.

Committed to your needs

NSL remain committed to advising all customers on suitable DR options, or Business Continuity if you prefer. Whatever the size or nature of the business DR should be considered and there are cost-effective options available.

And of course, underpinning any telephone system is the connectivity; historically, the choice was simple, ‘which ISDN’ but now with the planned 2025 closure of ISDN the requirement of telephone systems can be included in the business data connectivity utilising a network utility tool to identify any reconfiguration that may be required.

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  • Years of experience
  • Replace or update options
  • Different technologies available
  • Tailored solutions
  • Future proofing
  • Different user experiences
  • Local, national, international solutions
  • Single channel to omni channel
  • Connectivity options

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