Back in 1985, 0800 numbers were first launched under the moniker ‘Linkline’. These number prefixes were touted to be the most commonly used number-type across the UK. In July 2015 Ofcom established new guidelines, ensuring 0800 and 0808 numbers would be free to call from both landlines and mobiles, making 0800 numbers an even stronger marketing tool.

Ever since, they’ve enjoyed a massive resurgence, and especially given the challenges that companies are now facing in developing remote working polices, 0800 numbers can make a massive impact on small and medium businesses. Not only for brand identity, but in their marketing and general operation too. Here’s how.

The most glaringly obvious point is that a freephone number is free to call! You want to remove as many roadblocks that stop your prospects getting in touch with you. By not charging them to get in touch, you’re giving yourself the best chance for a customer to pick up that phone and call you. In fact, a recent survey found that 68% of callers felt that companies using freephone numbers care more about their customers than those that don’t.

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Marketing benefits of 0800 numbers

If you want to grow your business within your local region or nationally, an 0800 number is ideal to help you compete with rivals. Not only does it increase your credibility by inferring you’re already a national business, but it also reduces the numbers that your callers need to remember.

This is especially important for E-mail Campaigns, Website Landing Pages and other physical media, where passers-by only have a moment to process the material and memorise the information they need to make contact.

An 0800 number gives your company a national image and can increase incoming calls by up to 300% more than a standard number.

Plus, if your business needs to open a second site or move across the country, for example, you don’t have to worry about letting customers know about new local dial codes or having to update all of your existing marketing material.

Combined, these benefits don’t just optimise your current marketing spend and increase sales, they actually save you money too. Though, not just by enabling you to reuse your current collateral and create more effective campaigns, working with NSL means we can save you considerable amounts on your current calling solution too. So, send us a bill and we’ll beat your current price per minute cost!

How an 0800 number improves your operation

With remote working seemingly here to stay, 0800 numbers can help your business be more reactive to change and cope with the pressure of working from home. NSL’s Number Manager app enables you to quickly divert site lines to personal mobiles and home phone numbers and ensures that employees don’t have to give out their own numbers to customers. Our solution will stop calls being routed to a personal voicemail and will announce any business calls prior to connecting the call.

We can get your 0800 numbers live in 48 hours, so get in touch today, or call us on 0800 0562470, if you need to support your remote staff with an anonymous freephone number!

You can record on-hold messages promoting products and services to keep your callers engaged if lines are busy or you have something specific, like changes to opening times, that your customers need to know. Plus, you can quickly increase capacity and create new call management workflows for increases in demand, using the applications simple user interface and ‘Drag & Drop’ functionality.

Not only does this help you maintain service levels, with the flexibility to scale your numbers when needed, and perform in-depth assessments and feedback to operators, but assess capacity and call volume to better understand staffing requirements.

Key Benefits of Number Manager

  • User friendly app with ‘drag and drop’ functionality
  • Call recording
  • New numbers live in 48 hours
  • Quickly scale and adapt to new challenges
  • Analytics and reporting for ongoing improvement
  • Message recording for callers on hold
  • Ideal for disaster recovery scenarios and remote workers
  • Simple line management

0800 numbers can make your business more efficient

Being able to look back on your previous performance and decide where changes need to be made, is essential if you want your business to scale and succeed and Number manager’s call analytics can help you save money on ineffective marketing campaigns.

By using separate 0800 numbers for different departments within the business, or even marketing campaigns, you can delineate their performance and better assess a team’s performance, or the effectiveness of a specific campaign, enabling you to take more insightful learnings to implement in the future.

What’s more, in-depth reporting and analytics help you identify peak times, improve business intelligence and marketing performance. Using metrics such as call answer times, length of call and call volumes will help your mangers better understand performance and any challenges your team is facing.

Number manager from NSL helps you optimise operations, increase brand credibility and develop a national business presence. We can even reduce your costs, so why not send us a bill or call us on +44 (0) 345 678 6646 and we will beat your current pence per minute price!